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Bumblebees are a genus of state-forming insects belonging to the real bees. It is covered with fur-like hair, which protects it from the cold. It also has multi-coloured stripes, usually yellow-black. Bumblebees can often be seen with bare, shiny patches near the head. Hair loss occurs when the entrance hole to the nest is so narrow that when entering and leaving the nest the affected areas come into contact with the edge of the loophole.

Bumblebees do not inform hive comrades - like honeybees - with an elaborate dance, and yet they communicate with each other in the nest. Besides chemical signals, with which they mark in the nest collection points for nectar or outside the nest also just visited flowers, the animals pay very close attention to each other. After their return, a successful collector moves so conspicuously and quickly in the nest that subsequently more than twice as many animals fly out to search for nectar. During the hectic movements of the returnee, scents of the originally visited flower are distributed, which are perceived together with the nectar brought along by the other animals in the nest. These observers then fly out and search for these flowers. Bumblebees do not transmit information about the direction or distance of a nectar source, but about the fact that there is nectar in the area.

Designed in Austria.
Made in Bulgaria with fabrics from Portugal.

85% cotton, 15% polyester.

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