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The tiger is not to be confused with any other big cat due to its conspicuous stripe-drawing. The stripes of the tiger serve in combination with the basic colour of the fur as camouflage. The special colouring makes it possible to hide in the vegetation or on the ground. For example, the black stripes on the golden yellow or red-orange ground coat color in the bamboo thicket appear like shadows in the sunlight, and in arid grasslands the tiger merges with the blades of grass and smaller bushes.

In the total-perception, the big-cat "blurs" almost in its environment, and the tiger remains undiscovered for its booty long.
Tigers are mostly active at dusk or at night, but occasionally go hunting during the day. In the search for booty, tigers often cover large distances.

Designed in Austria.
Made in Bulgaria with fabrics from Portugal.

85% cotton, 15% polyester. 

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