From nuffin' to nuffinz

and why we are all mad here.

It's about doing things you love

And many of the things we love are connected to water- or boardsports. This again leads to travelling and connecting with new people. From having amazing cotton trousers on their last legs to producing them ourselves some weird things happened. We did a crowdfunding campaign and during that period our production partner went bankrupt. But we didn't give up. Every misery can be a chance. We found our purpose. We are doing the comfiest clothing in organic materials with not so boring designs. And we do things right, in a sustainable way. The journey just began.

This swiss Austrian guy

My name is Andreas and i am the founder of nuffinz. I am swiss and grew up in Austria, close to the swiss and german boarder at the beautiful lake of constance. I started snowboarding and wakeboarding pretty young. We have some fabulous mountains and this enormous lake at our doorstep. Nonetheless kitesurfing has grabbed me the most. I am not a pro, i don't do the crazy handle-pass rotations and other stuff. I just like to ride and sometimes i like to fly. nuffinz was born from the idea to design ultra comfy clothing for the time when you relax and enjoy yourself. nuffinz is derived from "nuffin' underneath" - our shorts are so comfy you don't want to wear any underwear below. Some even say they free your balls.

The allies in this madness

There are many friends that help nuffinz to grow. But instead of listing them all here we will do a big group picture when we are sold out.
So you want to see the whole team, go ahead and grab a pair of shorts ;-)
Meanwhile here are the main protagonists:


The Founder

Richard the racoon

Co-founder and Head of Madness

Zabrina the Zebra

Fashion Designer
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