The design? Simple. You know bionics?

If not have a look at Wikipedia. In short:
"It’s the transfer of technology between lifeforms and manufactured objects, which is cool because evolutionary pressure typically forces living organisms to become highly optimized and efficient."
We can’t explain it better. Or wait a minute … here you go:
 nuffinz zebra
nuffinz racoon 
Yeah, a racoon. We love them. See the stripes? Bionics. That’s right.

We pay attention to the details

In addition to having a superb professional production partner located in Europe, we achieve top quality by paying close attention to all the details. We love details.
nuffinz details
Our shorts are fabricated in the highest possible quality. The fabrics are from Portugal and consist of 85% cotton for the natural feeling and 15% polyester to keep the shape, dry faster and provide this ultimate comfiness.
Carefully designed, sourced and produced in the European Union.
We are located right in the heart of Europe in Austria - very close to the Swiss and German border, on the shore of the incredible Lake Constance. Everything is designed and prototypes are made here. We source our fabrics from beautiful Portugal. The production is in culturally diverse Bulgaria by an Austrian owned company located close to our hometown.
nuffinz world map
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