They say size doesn’t matter. But just in case…

Let us give you some indications. If you are unsure or typically between two sizes with other brands or if you like a loose fit and more length go for the bigger size. The drawstrings and elastic waist is pretty forgiving for different body types. The models in the video and on the photos all wear size medium. 
nuffinz sizes
We looked at our team and friends and what sizes they wear - here some inspiration:
Size of person | weight | Jeans size | nuffinz size
170cm | 70kg | 29 | S
178cm | 74kg | 33 | M
178cm | 80kg | 32 | M (muscular)
183cm | 80kg | 33 | M (short legs)
184cm | 95kg | 35 | XL (strong legs)
186cm | 78kg | 33 | L (athletic)
190cm | 82kg | 33 | L (for looser fit and for the length) 
190cm | 87kg | 35 | L
But this just to get an idea ... every body and butt is different and so is the taste regarding fit. 
The measures of the shorts  for your reference regarding length etc.
nuffinz measures
On the images below both wear medium. They are 185cm with 80kg (left) and 178cm with 80kg (right).
nuffinz photos
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