Nuffinz joins the Sörf Film Fest

Nuffinz joins the Sörf Film Fest

Do you remember festivals? Do you remember going to the movies? What if we told you that you can have it back? You can have it aaaaaaall back – at the same time! Watch out, Cannes: There's a new film festival in town.

Sörf Film Fest powered by Nuffinz

Nuffinz & Sörf Film Fest – love at first sight!

During our first visit to the Sörf Film Fest in our hometown Bregenz one year ago, we fell in love with this amazing event. And how could we not?

  • it takes place outside ✅
  • it’s located at a lake for the most part ✅
  • it shows great surfing movies from all over the world ✅
  • the people there are just awesome ✅

So no wonder we’ve decided to become an official partner of the Sörf Film Fest – or SFF for short. This year's edition will take place at 13 different locations in Austria, Germany and Italy between July 14th and August 28th. At every stop, you get the chance to see eight remarkable movies that show how surfing can impact people's lives all around the world and change them forever.

We’re looking forward to movies like “Wave of Life”. The picture tells the story of Gabi, who was born in Vienna far away from any sea but always wanted to live her life to the rhythm of the ocean. Or “Rebirth”, which focuses on Benoit, a surfer from the Basque Country who fights for his love of surfing after losing an arm in a freak accident. And, of course, “Tiny Waves”. In this one, the two Austrian pro surfers Luki and Adrian show what you can do with small waves, with big waves and even without waves. Using a technique called “foil”, they suddenly let completely new possibilities arise.

You’ll find a list of all the featured movies below, and if you want to visit the SFF yourself, you can check out all the tour dates and locations here:

Movie previews

Wave of Life

Happy Talk



Step into the Black

The Wave we choose

The Good, the Bad and the Miniramp

Tiny Waves

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