The nuffinz story

nuffinz story
For me, besides from seeing new places and meeting new friends, travel is always about sports, partying it up and a good chillout. Surfing, kitesurfing, wakesurfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding - I love it all.
On a trip in Spain I bought a pair of cotton jersey trousers in a special traveller’s store. They only had one pair, who knows where they got it from? Maybe somebody hand made it after a trip somewhere. They were so comfy they became my favourite thing to wear before and after my kitesurfing sessions. Chillin’ in a hammock, sitting by a fireplace or having a chat at the local surf bar - these trousers were always my first choice.
I knew I was going to wear through this one pair at some point in time but I loved it so much so I decided I have to start producing this kind of super comfy shorts. The time has come to take action and bring that comfort to the world!
Andreas Gähwiler 
Founder of nuffinz
nuffinz team
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